About the region

Muntelier – the oldest, dated settlement in Europe

You sit on that beautiful terrace of «Bad Murtensee», knowing that at this very same location, some people settled in 3867 b.c. – nearly 6'000 years ago.

You sit with a drink at the «Beach House», knowing that in 1979, the oldest loaf of bread of the world has been found in Muntelier. The bread scientist, Max Währen, found out, that the piece found was over 5'000 years old and made of wheat flour.

World heritage in and at Lake Murten

Enjoy some hours on one of the three Lakes (Lake Murten, Neuchâtel and Biel). Amazing that archeologists have discovered in the 1990ies a considerable number of settlements around the lakes. Remains of palafittes (stilt-houses) were found under water. They all date back to Neolithic and Bronze Age.

European history was written here

Discover the city walls. Climb up these stairs and up to the tower. You are facing the sites of the heroic Battle of Murten in 1476. It was the second of three battles between the Swiss Confederation and the Burgundy army. It ended the rein and power of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. In Grandson, he lost his wealth. In Murten he lost his courage. And in Nancy he lost his life (he lost «in Grandson das Gut, in Murten den Mut, in Nancy das Blut»).

Mont Vully

You sit on the terrace of your room and you enjoy the sunset over Lake Murten. The hill on the other side of Lake Murten is Mont Vully. Today well known for delicious wines. Around 58 b.c. Mont Vully was home to the «Oppidum», a roman fortification. It documented the strategic importance of this region for the Romans. No wonder, that the Swiss Army built some fortifications there in 1914 for the defense of the Swiss midlands in the First World War.

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