New market appearance

Dear guests,

Although the current Corona-crisis is keeping us extremely busy, we do have good and positive news for you.

Since a year ago, when we had the courage to buy Hotel Bad, a lot has happened. Succession of the previous owners with the Co-Hosts Stillhard/Kunz has worked. The interior has been softly renovated and refurbished. The new restaurant «See la vie» enthused and inspired our guests with fresh and local delicacies.

After intensive work backstage we are pleased to now announce the new market appearance or corporate identity. «Bad Muntelier» becomes «Bad Murtensee in Muntelier». Make sure you visit the new website

From tradition to modern times

Hotel Bad has an impressive history. It has been built in 1745. We find evidence that it 1818 it was a beer brewery. In 1830 a distillery was added and it became a tavern. As of 1863 the place was called a «Bade-Wirtschaft» which translates into «bathing tavern». Bathing in Lake Murten at that time became very popular. It was recommended by doctors of the surrounding cities. Eventually the tavern became a guest house «Gasthaus zum Bad» and finally a hotel «Hotel Bad Muntelier». Our new trademark honors the unique history of our bijou. At the same time, it gives a new, modern and innovative touch to our image. «Bad Murtensee»  opens the horizon.

Beach House – See la vie

With our new trademark «Bad Murtensee» we focus on the entire Swiss market. Already today, the majority of our guests come from the main Swiss cities, like Zurich, Zug, Basel, Lausanne or Geneva. With «Murtensee» as part of our trademark, all our potential guests will immediately recognize the location of our unique seminar- and holiday-hotel.

Also, the trademark «Bad Murtensee» allows us to add and use sub-brands for our various offerings. The «Beach House» keeps its brand, as it is well known and recognized in the wider Murten area. The local and regional delicacies are served at the restaurant «See la vie». Banquets and celebrations are offered by «See la fête» and the seminars and workshops as «See l’atelier». The monthly Sunday-brunch becomes «See dimanche». With this play of words, we also pay tribute to the bilingualism of our area and communicate this «Swiss specialty» to the outside world.

We would like to thank the rebranding-team for their contribution and excellent cooperation. A special thanks go to the Agencies Concepta, Syn and Ennit and the writers/translators Céline, Christine, Rob and Ernst.

We welcome your feedback. Please write to us:

Come and see us soon. We are looking forward to welcoming you as soon as we open our doors again.

Yours sincerely,
Franziska et Marcel Jörg