Staff related changes

The short- and mid-term impact of the Corona crisis on gastronomy and tourism will be negative. Hotel Bad Murtensee will not be spared by the crisis and we will, therefore, not reach our defined growth-objectives.

Board and Management have discussed the current economic situation and possible future scenarios. Together, we have reached consensus that the professional dual-manning of General Management cannot be afforded anymore.

Therefore, Bad Murtensee Ltd. and the Co-Hosts Stillhard/Kunz have mutually agreed to cease their cooperation. The date has not yet been fixed.

This decision will allow us to keep the majority of our experienced staff. Bad Murtensee is fortunate to have highly qualified people at all levels. They will – together with a new General Manager – successfully implement the defined strategy.  At the same time the decision will allow the current Co-Hosts to fulfill their dreams of leading a hotel as a team.

Manuela Stillhard and Thomas Kunz successfully supported the transformation from Hotel Bad Muntelier to Hotel Bad Murtensee. On behalf of all the guests, the staff and the Board of Directors, we thank them for their commitment and professionalism as well as for navigating Bad Murtensee through these difficult times.