About the Hotel Bad Murtensee


All hotel rooms have been freshened up. In September, the Hotel Bad Murtensee took over the operational management of the MS Attila.


In the second year of the Corona pandemic, renovation of the toilet facilities in the main building began. In the Beach House, guests were served at the tables for the first time in history.


For the first time the hotel was open in January, it was also available for seminars and celebrations. Both the garden and the Beach House were upgraded. In the Spring the «Bad Muntelier» became the «Bad Murtensee», with a new corporate identity and a new brand strategy.


The interior courtyard was reshaped, the event rooms and the restaurant «See la vie» were both renovated and refurbished.


After four generations, the Fasnacht family sold and handed over the «Bad Muntelier» to the new owners, Franziska and Marcel Jörg, both well rooted in the area.


Barbara and her husband Peter followed in the footsteps of Kurt and Gini Fasnacht. Barbara's sister Karin joined a little later. In 1995 they took over the reins from their parents and became the 4th generation to own and manage the place. In 1998, the «Beach House», directly on the shores of Lake Murten, was added offering its guests a wonderful view and atmosphere.


Kurt and Gini Fasnacht (3rd generation) with their daughters Barbara and Karin, extended the hotel adding 21 rooms and opened the terrace restaurant seating, overlooking Lake Murten.


Hanny and Paul Fasnacht were inspired by their son Kurt, who had spent some time in the USA. During his stay he had developed a good understanding of the hospitality business. They created a «grill-room» and started a long culinary tradition.


Daughter Hanny married Paul Fasnacht (called «the Welsch» = the one from the French speaking part of Switzerland). After her parents died, Hanny and Paul took over the establishment (2nd generation) and made changes to the event rooms.


The property was purchased by August Fasnacht (called «the Gräy»). He was a respected and well-known local personality. Previously he had run the local restaurant «Hechten» (the trout). It was because of him that the next four generations enjoyed a long success story of «Hotel Bad Muntelier am See».


In October 26, 1903 a fire destroyed the restaurant and barn with a livestock of fodder, the dancing room with the equipment for the local gymnastic and shooting association, the stage used by the local men's choir including a new piano, the bakery with all the stock of flour and the skittle alley (similar to bowing lane). Thanks to the successful intervention of the local fire brigade with the assistance of surrounding villages a bigger disaster was avoided. Had there been a westerly wind, it is more than likely that the entire village would have completely burned down as it nearly did in 1741.


It was on March 15, that the so called «bathing-tavern» (Bade-Wirtschaft) was officially opened. Most likely inspired by the local public swimming bath that existed in the 1850ies. Swimming in the water of Lake Murten had been highly recommended by medical doctors from the surrounding cities of Bern and Fribourg. In this public swimming bath men had access from 5 to 8 and 11 to 12 a.m. and from 5 to 9 p.m. Women from 8 to 11 a.m. and from 2 to 5 p.m.
The tavern is where public dancing events were held.


There was a lot of talk about the number of taverns in Muntelier. The local council decided in 1825 to close all but two pubs. So only the «Hechten» (the trout) and the tavern by the embarkation point, todays «Bad Murtensee», survived.


The main buildings of «Bad Murtensee» were constructed between 1745 and 1754 originally as a farmhouse, but there are signs it also had a brewery and distillery on site. Not long after construction it was transformed into a tavern, restaurant and guest house.


A substantial fire destroyed all but five buildings in the village.

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