Light-Festival in January

A Light-Festival is organized every year in January. Some 30 light-installations from different artists transform the old town of Murten and its proximity into a fairyland.

Delicious Pomace-Sausage in January and February

The local wine growers serve their special Pomace-Sausage in their cozy cellars in January and February. When they distill the grape-marc, the sausages are cooked at the same time in the big kettle. It is served with potato salad, with gratinated potato or with just a tasty piece of bread. It goes without saying that a glass of their local wines is served and maybe you finish the meal with a marc from their own grapes.

slowUp around Lake Murten, April 25, 2021

It will be for the 21st time that the slow-up will take place around Lake Murten. The roads are closed for engine driven vehicles and reserved for rollerblades and bikes. An event for anyone enjoying a day out in a very scenic region. Stop at one of the food stalls and have a drink or a grilled sausage or enjoy a piece of the famous Vully tart.

«Solennität» (Commemoration of the Battle of Murten), June 22, 2020

In commemoration of the famous Battle of Murten in 1476, the city celebrates every year the «Solennität». It is one of those «once in a lifetime» events not to be missed. The old town is beautifully decorated. The many fountains look awesome. And then, there is the parade. All the scholars – dressed in white – parade through the old town. In between the classes various bands are marching along. So does the cadet corps, one of the few remaining in Switzerland.

Historic shooting-competition, June 28, 2020

In commemoration of the famous Battle of Murten, the historic shooting-competition takes place since 1930. The event takes place at the site, called «Bodenmünzi» (a hill overlooking the old town of Murten) where in June 1476, the Duke «Charles the Bold» from Burgundy has set up his camp with approx. 20’000 soldiers, besieging the 2’000 Swiss soldiers in the well protected old town of Murten.

The participants in the shooting competition (teams of 10 shooters) meet early morning at the local school near the entrance to the old town. Led by the local brassband, the procession walks through the decorated old town to the shooting range.

Open airs

Open air cinema in Murten from July 1 to August 5, 2020

Enjoy a relaxing film-evening in front of the historic town wall.

Murten Classics from August 9 to August 30, 2020

Classical concerts in the courtyard of the local castle and at different other locations in the old town have enchanted loads of visitors in the past.

Stars of Sounds in July 2021

Well known bands and singers perform over 3 days on the shores of Lake Murten. Unique setting and equally unique ambiance.

Vintage festivals in September and October

During these two months, the wine villages along the three lakes offer a variety of vintage festivals. Wine tastings, parades and conviviality – local tradition at its best.

Murten run, October 3 and 4, 2020

After the Swiss have beaten the army of «Charles the Bold», Duke of Burgundy, on June 22, 1476 in Murten and according to the legend, a messenger has been sent from Murten to Fribourg to announce the good news of the victory. It is said that the messenger, at the arrival in Fribourg (17.17 km) has died of exhaustion. In commemoration of this messenger, this course has been organized since nearly 90 years.

Martins-Market or Martini-Market, November 4, 2020

Always on the first Wednesday in November, the main roads of the old town of Murten are transformed into a colorful market place. Market stalls with toys, food, local handycraft and more line up during this traditional market. Its origin goes back to medieval times, when the «farmer’s year» started and ended on November 11. Time for the farmers to pay their dues to the local bailiff, the convent or other authorities. Time for the farmers to lay off or hire laborer and servants.

Truffle market in November

In November there is the meanwhile traditional truffle market in the old town of Murten. 20 food stalls offer a wide variety of truffles and products with truffels.

Murten on Ice in December

Murten on Ice is more than an outdoor ice rink. It is a social gathering, a meeting point for locals and visitors, for different generations and for bon vivants and athletes.

Christmas Market in December

In the middle of December, the historic old town becomes one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting.