Interview Simon Neuhaus


The food, the pictures and the atmosphere in the room are simply amazing! That's what Simon Neuhaus, the project manager of the Murten Light Festival and Dine and Light, had to say. We interviewed Simon.

Why do you have such a passion for light spectacles?
I find it fascinating to transport people to another world in a matter of seconds with shows like this. They are here in Murten and the light show catapults them to the North Pole in an instant, into a completely different experience. Dine and Light takes guests on a journey through the different elements of earth, fire, water and air. With such happenings, it is possible to enchant people so that they can forget everyday life for a moment.

You have been responsible for the Light Festival for seven years and are now also responsible for Dine and Light. What are the biggest challenges with such formats?
There are actually three challenges that we faced as organizers. Firstly, we had to get the team excited about something new, especially as it wasn't clear from the outset whether the event would work as planned. Secondly, we needed a suitable restaurant and hotel partner who was willing to take part. And thirdly, the guests had to be open to getting involved in something extraordinary.

How did you come to found Murten Licht LAB?
It was the result of a strategic consideration. We position ourselves as the capital of light with the Light Festival and therefore thought about how we could enrich Murten and the region in general with light projects. Circuit Secret Murten Licht, "Le Petit Chef" and now the Dine and Light are all light projects that have emerged from the Licht LAB. It makes sense that there are experts behind these projects and not just Murten Tourism as an organization.

How did the Dine and Light concept come about?
We had the project "in the quiver" for over five years.The idea didn't come about overnight.In 2020, I found the "Le Petit Chef" format, which is held worldwide, online and got in touch with the organization.We held it once. It was an exciting event and, apart from a few details, it worked well. However, we had the impression that we could do something like this ourselves, with our own artists. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible with "Le Petit Chef". Because it is a predetermined show that is not adaptable, not even in terms of seasonality. In the meantime, we have created our own experience show in the gastronomy environment that better conveys our content and messages. We don't want to copy "Le Petit Chef", we want to do it better and work with our restaurant partner to respond to local conditions.

Why should our readers definitely not miss Dine and Light?
Because it's new and unique - you have to experience it. It's not just a light show or a 360-degree animation. The food, the images, the atmosphere in the room are simply amazing. You can immerse yourself in a new universe, forget everything around you and enjoy the moment.

What is your vision for the future of Murten in relation to light?
My vision is that the projects are not only created by Murten Tourism and the Light LAB, but that the people who live and work in this region become active themselves. For example, restaurants taking the initiative to create a project such as "Blind Cow" or an indoor or outdoor projection. Or private individuals who have an exciting idea and implement it throughout the year. I imagine it as a region that is perceived for art, light, imagination and the daring of the extraordinary.

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